JUN , 22 2020


In today’s times, we live in a world where the nature has started talking to us in various ways like a global pandemic, Amazon forest fires, the Australian forest fires and many more. It is high time we start to give more importance to sustainability, eco friendliness and nature conservation.

And one of the first steps to do is to make our homes greener and nature friendly.

The essential concept behind any urban jungle is to mimic nature in its extraordinary diversity of species, sizes, forms and colors into our homes. This is a trend that started slowly and consistently over time. The urban jungle look is a distinctive trend that can be beautifully combined with all sorts of different interior styles be it Nordic, modern and cool, chic and elegant or be it any season of the year.

If the urban jungle trend is your way of life, you’ll also make sure that all your furnishings are made of natural, sustainable materials. And some of the ways to incorporate it is through color, pattern and textures.

The first and the most important aspect is to get the colors right. Recreate the palettes found in tropical foliage with neutral ivory, beige, khaki, mocha and brown, as well as shades of green. You can also incorporate muted tones of olive and sage, or opt for greens that are saturated and vibrant.

Next Spice it up with bold prints and patterns. Look for prints that are not overwhelming and will keep the space relaxing as they add visual interest. Get the jungle, exotic look with the use of birds and fruit prints.

Color isn’t the only way to make an impact. Texture may not be as obvious, but the impact can be just as dramatic. In giving the sustainable look. This is the as pect that greatly brings in the raw, rustic quality of eco friendliness and nature.  Make conscious choices about how and where you add texture. Textures can also be created by layering different prints and patterns with solids and woven’s. One of the advantages in an urban jungle is the ample opportunity provided to play with textures.

In conclusion, there are many ways to design and maintain an inviting urban jungle home. It is the habitat of someone whose home is everywhere and who has the world inside their home. It is a conscious effort taken in living a more sustainable, eco friendly and nature loving life.

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