“Balance is not something you find.  It’s something your create” 

One of the major complaints of todays society is we just do not have enough time to get everything done. We find it hard to balance a full time career, family and personal time.

Called the new “hygge”…….the word Lagom is now part of the mainstream ranging from lifestyle blogs to new season interiors collections.

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”.

It is about finding balance across all aspects of our lifeconsciouslyfulfilling our needs without overdoing it.

But given how much time we’re currently spending at home, it might be time to assess just how ‘Lagom’ our life really is.

How ‘just enough’ applies to each person entirely depends on how we choose to view Lagom. 

Applying Lagom to our home couldn’t be easier, in fact a major key factor to it Sustainability,so reusing and recycling are encouraged.

A sustainable, balanced lifestyle is a win – win situation for both us and the environment. By making a conscious effort to not be wasteful we are channelling the Lagom life.

With regards to sustainability, consumers around the world state that they want “to do the right thing.” They want to buy textiles that are safe. They want to make purchases that don’t cause harm to the planet or support unfair labour practices. Of course, people who live in textile producing regions are much more aware of the sustainability issues the industry faces.

Channelling into this mind-set of the evolving world, Aauraa Home Fashion is proud to call ourselves a pioneer in sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Our organic collection dates back to 15 years ago, giving us a head start in this area.

We have taken great measures towards eco-friendly production so as to ensure we give back to mother earth in every way possible.

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