Hygge Floral Table Cloth

2020- The year of the unexpected!!!

It will not be wrong to note that half the year is over and we have already had enough of a bumpy roller coaster ride. Our daily lives are filled with news and articles of the pandemic, global shutdowns, economic crisis, mental health awareness etc. bombarding us without a break.
And it is as these times that one would for once like to shut out all the negativity and just cosy up to only good and grateful things of our lives in the comfort of our homes.

Hygge- pronounced “hoo-ga”, is a Danish concept of comfort and happiness through the simple things in life.

Hygge has no hard edges; it’s soft, comforting and simply stylish.

Textiles are hygge in the way that they keep us warm, conjure up memories of past times & places and make our everyday lives more beautiful.

Flowers are always associated with freshness and positivity and what better way to hygge up our homes than to spruce it up with warm and elegant floral patterns.
Transform your homes and create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere with our organic floral textiles that will bring in the positivity and warmth into your homes.
Let us fight this global crisis by looking into the small and good things in our lives and being grateful for it.

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