Gezellig – The New Way of Socializing

Gezellig Placemat

Do you love that warm, cozy feeling you get when you sit down with your best friends and family and have an intimate dinner with the right amount of depth? There is a word for that!

Gezellig – the Dutch lifestyle ethos that can be loosely translated as to “VIBING” or a sense of fun and celebration in a cozy at home atmosphere.

As the world is now loosening up from its strict lockdowns and working towards accepting the “NEW NORMAL”, more and more people are yearning to meet and greet their friends and relatives in a very safe and secure environment.

With people not willing to risk anything in this covid atmosphere but yet yearning to socialize after long is where this lifestyle concept comes to play.

Creating an atmosphere of fun and vibrancy in a safe cozy space with a sense of belonging and togetherness is in essence the main aim of a Gezellig lifestyle.

At Aauraa Home Fashion we understand the way world moves forward and what the people want. And so we have come up with our exclusive collection of designs and organic products that will help you create a gezelighied atmosphere.

Take time to relax, unwind and de-stress with friends. Invite them over for an informal glass of wine or dinner at your home. Good food, company and conversation are sure to inspire the warm-and-fuzzies.

Try creating some Gezelligmoments of your own by doing up your house with our exclusive organic collections. Who knows—you may find yourself a Gezelligconvert.

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