Crafting sustainable textiles – Redefining traditional techniques for a new era

We live in a time, where everything has come to a standstill. The world has just gone through a major shift and everyone is trying to grasp to a new normal, a new way of living.

People have become more conscious about how they live, what they consume and how they spend.

“Nothing new, Everything new” is the trend of the season.

This trend talks about repurposing, redefining and reviving the old for a more conscious lifestyle ethos.

Now is the time for a new perception, as both consumers and the industry are beginning to change existing systems and ways of working in different ways.

One of the major areas is handcrafting textiles. Handmade textiles were always seen as something that caters only to the high end luxury market.
But now with a shift in consumer behaviour, artisanal touches to mass production have taken a bigger importance. The consumers have started taking more effort into the process and story behind a product rather than the end result.

At Aauraa, we have always believed in the inclusiveness of handcrafted elements to our products. We always had a strong unit of artisans constantly innovating, experimenting and creating new textures, weaves and textiles.

Handmade Items are crafted in an Environment of Joy, Honour, and Respect. Those same values somehow find their way into the very fibre of a handmade item.

Enchantingly Unique and Stunningly Special , Our products are more than just your everyday table or kitchen textiles —they’re the result of craftsmanship, evoking a deep-felt connection to the past that’s endlessly enchanting.

Being an eco-conscious sustainable manufacturing company, this not only helped us in boosting our artisanal society but also helped in making our products more sustainable by reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the shelf life of consumption.

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