Conscious Homes – The Importance of Embroidery in Home Textiles

Our homes are our safe haven. It’s the atmosphere that influences our emotional, physical and spiritual well being. It’s that place where we relax, restore and heal from the hurdles of life. Therefore the way we set up the place influences the major mood and atmosphere of our homes.

We are right now experiencing the era of conscious living as more and more people have taken the deliberate choice of sustainability and value addition in exchange to moving trends and fads.

People have started looking for items that will truly add value to a space—aesthetically and functionally, but also that have good energy due to the way they were sourced and made. 

In home textiles the best possible way to achieve this look is through embroidered items. Embroidery is that hidden trump card where it can be simple and elegant yet make a statement and add value to the product enhancing the overall atmosphere of the space.

Handmade embroidery is a classy way to jazz up living spaces. A fun and inexpensive way of giving home decor a quick facelift. Embroidery can change the mood of rooms and create more interesting living spaces.
At Aauraa we are ever ready and well equipped for the changing lifestyles and trends. We always believed in the importance of embroidery and its demand in home textiles.
We have a state of the art embroidery unit well equipped with sophisticated computerized multi head embroidery machines capable of executing intricate and delicate designs. We have a data bank of a 1000 hand simulated embroidery techniques and is one of our biggest fortes.
We are one of the very few textile manufacturers capable of executing the beauty and elegance of hand embroidery in export production. This is possible only because we believe in quality and keep ourselves regularly updated with the changing trends and demands through constant research and development.

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