#Zero Waste – The Hottest Sustainable Trend

The world is moving into this grand new social experiment called “The New Normal”.

Conservation and environmental issues have taken the forefront rather than one’s individual success. Sustainability is the hottest and most importantly the need of the hour topic of this era.

But what is it the best way to maintain this culture and take it forward?

The answer lies in the concept of zero waste production.

The need of the hour today is for all designers and manufacturers to adopt a zero waste policy and save the planet from textile pollution.

One of the most pressing matters in resulting from the production and consumption of products is the ‘Wastage’. Our growing demand for ‘fast fashion’ has resulted in tonnes of discarded materials, and resources threatening environmental and social well-being on a global scale.

The term ‘zero waste’ has emerged as the new saviour for addressing textile pollution, the second major contributor to global waste.

We at Aauraa have always welcomed and embraced new trends and techniques of sustainability and eco –friendliness.

According to us Zero wastage or minimal wastage encompasses more than eliminating waste through recycling and reuse, it focuses on restructuring production and distribution systems to reduce waste.

That is why we believe and practice in the 6 R’s that lays the foundation for zero waste production.

Reinvent-Reinvent is an exploration of creativity. It is the practice of how we highlight the story behind the product and its creation which we then believe transcends itself through a sense of satisfaction and joy to the consumer. 

Reuse– We very consciously and painstakingly design and manufacture our products so that they can be reused in various seasons and have a longer shelf life.

Reduce – Aauraa has started an initiative called “Greening the Environment” where a wide range of trees were planted as a contribution to a better environment. The notion of reducing wastage was brought into action here. To help maintain the plantation, the waste water from the employee’s quarters goes through an RO treatment, making it fit for domestic use. This treated water is then re directed to the plantation field making this entire initiative a socially responsible commitment.

Replace-Our factories are enabled with renewable solar powered energy and reverse osmosis water plantation replacing age old commercial resources for a more eco-friendly ,sustainable options.

Recycle-Overconsumption of scarce natural resources is has made us rethink and reclaim waste materials in intelligent and sensitive ways. We have shifted in utilising recycled fibers and yarns for a more eco-friendly production output.We believe that the act of recycling should be celebrated as a creative method and thus making a statement against the throw-away mentality.

Repurpose–At Aauraa we have always been the pioneers of taking the off beaten path where in contrast to the traditional design process which starts with anbrand new design, we start with considering what can be made from existing fabrics. From creation to curation, it gives existing textiles a new purpose and cherishes what’s already made.

Being an eco-conscious sustainable manufacturing company,we believe in focusing on achieving an emotional satisfaction for both the producer and the consumer through the process of creating rather than on the end result.


Consumers are becoming smarter with their purchases. The general society have become more conscious on environment and sustainable practices. Quality has overtaken the quantity in aspects of consumer behaviour.

Fortunately, manufacturing companies worldwide now have begun to take measures to reduce their carbon footprint. Eco-or environmentally friendly manufacturing protects the planet from exploitation and conserves natural resources.

When a manufacturing unit embraces sustainable production methods forgoing its traditional practices for a more environmental friendly way and to promote sustainable and innovative manufacturing, it also could be considered a Factory for the Future.

Aauraa Home Fashion has always been a pioneer in eco-friendly production methods.

Responsible and virtuous, with a drive for innovation, our factories have been pro-actively designed to use energy efficiently, conserve natural resources and generate zero waste.

We care deeply about how each product is made and its impact on the environment, and we have intentionally built our supply chain to support responsible production from raw material to finished good.

We believe in responsible manufacturing that will extend the shelf life of a product with the motto of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Sustainability in factories bridge over 4 areas; energy, sourcing, water and waste in terms of manufacturing practices.

Aauraa has efficiently managed to embrace all four areas by usage of renewable solar powered energy, reverse osmosis water plantations, cradle to cradle recycling concepts etc.

Aauraa also has started an initiative called “Greening the Environment” where a wide range of trees were planted as a contribution to a better environment. The notion of reducing wastage was brought into action here. To help maintain the plantation, the waste water from the employee’s quarters goes through an RO treatment, making it fit for domestic use. This treated water is then re directed to the plantation field making this entire initiative a socially responsible commitment.

Also, as a GOTS and OEKO TEX -100 certified Home Textile exporter from Karur, the ecological requirements is being maintained in the factory and sustainability is practiced in all ways possible.

System certification of ISO 9001:2008 measures the systemized production in the factory and thereby fulfilling the production requirements in terms of the law required to be a Fair Practice company.

At Aauraa we consider these practices more as a ‘journey rather than a destination’ to constantly improve sustainability and eco manufacturing with the consciousness that we work at the greater end of the market to improve sustainability throughout the products that we produce.


When we buy clothes or textiles or home furnishings etc., do we any day wonder where is it from, or who made it or how many where involved in the process? Indeed, it is very likely that our everyday textiles have travelled the globe before getting to us but have we ever noticed the ubiquitous “Made In…” labels in it.

We might not have noticed or thought about such trivial stuff before as we lived in a fast paced world, but it is high time for us to ask these, and other, questions about the stuff we buy.

We are familiar with the argument that investing in the economic empowerment of women drives the growth of their families and the community around. This is because women reinvest 90% of their income in their families and their community.

Globally, the apparel and textile sector is among the largest employers of women workers. The sector holds great power and potential to impact the lives of millions of women in low-income areas and, by extension, their families and communities. Making sure that impact is positive is critical.

Women’s economic empowerment is about women’s ability to choose whether to work, how much to work, and how to spend or save their incomes. Thus, effective approaches should be holistic, integrated, and strategic, such that they consider and incorporate the full spectrum of factors involved.

The legacy of AAURAA HOME FASHION and the core priority of the company from the day it was founded in 1995 was not just to be the leading home textile manufactures but to empower as many women as possible from their neighbouring locality by training them in textile manufacturing process and providing them with decent livelihood. Our aim is to level the employment field for disadvantaged women by providing bold livelihoods options that enhance women’ economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their families.

We are one of the biggest textile companies in Karur, India where 75% of the staff working are women.

We work with underprivileged women from rural background with low levels of income, sparse access to education and health services, limited job security as well as limited land and inheritance rights, lacking in basic amenities and are mostly uneducated.

We believe empowerment is more than just training them technically. But true empowerment comes from proper mentoring and teaching life skills. Thus the primary concern of ours is to impart in them the knowledge and understanding that promotes meaningful and informed participation in decision-making at the family, community and higher levels of social administration

We train them, motivate them, teach them to face life and make them financially independent.

These women are given a proper government certified training on home textile manufacturing for three months with an incentive and  once they are qualified they are then promoted to various departments and are motivated and given individual responsibilities and made to grow professionally  .

We also provide them with a workplace-based women’s health program to provide them with general and reproductive health education, as well as strengthen the workplace to better manage and support women’s health.

Empowering these women isn’t just a “feel good” corporate social responsibility (CSR) move for us but rather an economic opportunity that helps promote the sustainability of local communities.

Crafting sustainable textiles – Redefining traditional techniques for a new era

We live in a time, where everything has come to a standstill. The world has just gone through a major shift and everyone is trying to grasp to a new normal, a new way of living.

People have become more conscious about how they live, what they consume and how they spend.

“Nothing new, Everything new” is the trend of the season.

This trend talks about repurposing, redefining and reviving the old for a more conscious lifestyle ethos.

Now is the time for a new perception, as both consumers and the industry are beginning to change existing systems and ways of working in different ways.

One of the major areas is handcrafting textiles. Handmade textiles were always seen as something that caters only to the high end luxury market.
But now with a shift in consumer behaviour, artisanal touches to mass production have taken a bigger importance. The consumers have started taking more effort into the process and story behind a product rather than the end result.

At Aauraa, we have always believed in the inclusiveness of handcrafted elements to our products. We always had a strong unit of artisans constantly innovating, experimenting and creating new textures, weaves and textiles.

Handmade Items are crafted in an Environment of Joy, Honour, and Respect. Those same values somehow find their way into the very fibre of a handmade item.

Enchantingly Unique and Stunningly Special , Our products are more than just your everyday table or kitchen textiles —they’re the result of craftsmanship, evoking a deep-felt connection to the past that’s endlessly enchanting.

Being an eco-conscious sustainable manufacturing company, this not only helped us in boosting our artisanal society but also helped in making our products more sustainable by reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the shelf life of consumption.


“Balance is not something you find.  It’s something your create” 

One of the major complaints of todays society is we just do not have enough time to get everything done. We find it hard to balance a full time career, family and personal time.

Called the new “hygge”…….the word Lagom is now part of the mainstream ranging from lifestyle blogs to new season interiors collections.

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning “just the right amount”.

It is about finding balance across all aspects of our lifeconsciouslyfulfilling our needs without overdoing it.

But given how much time we’re currently spending at home, it might be time to assess just how ‘Lagom’ our life really is.

How ‘just enough’ applies to each person entirely depends on how we choose to view Lagom. 

Applying Lagom to our home couldn’t be easier, in fact a major key factor to it Sustainability,so reusing and recycling are encouraged.

A sustainable, balanced lifestyle is a win – win situation for both us and the environment. By making a conscious effort to not be wasteful we are channelling the Lagom life.

With regards to sustainability, consumers around the world state that they want “to do the right thing.” They want to buy textiles that are safe. They want to make purchases that don’t cause harm to the planet or support unfair labour practices. Of course, people who live in textile producing regions are much more aware of the sustainability issues the industry faces.

Channelling into this mind-set of the evolving world, Aauraa Home Fashion is proud to call ourselves a pioneer in sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Our organic collection dates back to 15 years ago, giving us a head start in this area.

We have taken great measures towards eco-friendly production so as to ensure we give back to mother earth in every way possible.

Conscious Homes – The Importance of Embroidery in Home Textiles

Our homes are our safe haven. It’s the atmosphere that influences our emotional, physical and spiritual well being. It’s that place where we relax, restore and heal from the hurdles of life. Therefore the way we set up the place influences the major mood and atmosphere of our homes.

We are right now experiencing the era of conscious living as more and more people have taken the deliberate choice of sustainability and value addition in exchange to moving trends and fads.

People have started looking for items that will truly add value to a space—aesthetically and functionally, but also that have good energy due to the way they were sourced and made. 

In home textiles the best possible way to achieve this look is through embroidered items. Embroidery is that hidden trump card where it can be simple and elegant yet make a statement and add value to the product enhancing the overall atmosphere of the space.

Handmade embroidery is a classy way to jazz up living spaces. A fun and inexpensive way of giving home decor a quick facelift. Embroidery can change the mood of rooms and create more interesting living spaces.
At Aauraa we are ever ready and well equipped for the changing lifestyles and trends. We always believed in the importance of embroidery and its demand in home textiles.
We have a state of the art embroidery unit well equipped with sophisticated computerized multi head embroidery machines capable of executing intricate and delicate designs. We have a data bank of a 1000 hand simulated embroidery techniques and is one of our biggest fortes.
We are one of the very few textile manufacturers capable of executing the beauty and elegance of hand embroidery in export production. This is possible only because we believe in quality and keep ourselves regularly updated with the changing trends and demands through constant research and development.

Gezellig – The New Way of Socializing

Do you love that warm, cozy feeling you get when u sit down with your best friends and family and have an intimate dinner with the right amount of depth? There is a word for that!

Gezellig- the Dutch lifestyle ethos that can be loosely translated as to “VIBING” or a sense of fun and celebration in a cozy at home atmosphere.

Do you love that warm, cozy feeling you get when u sit down with your best friends and family and have an intimate dinner with the right amount of depth? There is a word for that!

Gezellig- the Dutch lifestyle ethos that can be loosely translated as to “VIBING” or a sense of fun and celebration in a cozy at home atmosphere.

As the world is now loosening up from its strict lockdowns and working towards accepting the “NEW NORMAL”, more and more people are yearning to meet and greet their friends and relatives in a very safe and secure environment.

With people not willing to risk anything in this covid atmosphere but yet yearning to socialize after long is where this lifestyle concept comes to play.

Creating an atmosphere of fun and vibrancy in a safe cozy space with a sense of belonging and togetherness is in essence the main aim of a Gezellig lifestyle.

At Aauraa Home Fashion we understand the way world moves forward and what the people want. And so we have come up with our exclusive collection of designs and organic products that will help you create a gezelighied atmosphere.

Take time to relax, unwind and de-stress with friends. Invite them over for an informal glass of wine or dinner at your home. Good food, company and conversation are sure to inspire the warm-and-fuzzies.

Try creating some Gezelligmoments of your own by doing up your house with our exclusive organic collections. Who knows—you may find yourself a Gezelligconvert.


“Maybe people will get a chance to discover themselves in this enforced solitude, to become more thoughtful because we can’t rush around as we used to”-Ruskin bond

The world is going through a global crisis. We are forced to slow down, learn to accept this implied solitude, “THE NEW NORMAL”.

And as we try to blend ourselves and adjust to this new lifestyle, we are forced to revaluate and discern what is essential and necessary for our living on a qualitative basis. The world is more and more willing now to accept and learn the concept of simple and quality based living.

One such lifestyle concept is what is called – THE FIKA LIFESTYLE.

Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are the keywords of this lifestyle concept.

It is a Swedish concept and on a literal basis means “a coffee and cake break”.

If we go a bit deeper into it, we will realise it’s not just about the regular coffee break that we take but rather is a beautiful way of living.

A sustainable way of life where it teaches us to take a break, sip a cup of coffee, quiten our minds from the chaos of the world, look at the simple everyday small things that are meaningful to us and be grateful for it.

For the Swedes, fika is nothing revolutionary; it’s simply part of everyday life. It is a state of mind, an attitude towards a more sustainable qualitative lifestyle.

Aauraa home fashion have always been forerunners in embracing and endorsing such sustainable and qualitative life concepts and translating them into our designs and products.

Indulge in your fika moments with organic home linen collection from our wide range of designs and products.

Revamp your homes, discern what is essential and necessary and bring in hope, happiness and positivity with our organic home linen.

Let’s face this “NEW NORMAL” head on!!!!!

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2020- The year of the unexpected!!!

It will not be wrong to note that half the year is over and we have already had enough of a bumpy roller coaster ride. Our daily lives are filled with news and articles of the pandemic, global shutdowns, economic crisis, mental health awareness etc. bombarding us without a break.
And it is as these times that one would for once like to shut out all the negativity and just cosy up to only good and grateful things of our lives in the comfort of our homes.

Hygge- pronounced “hoo-ga”, is a Danish concept of comfort and happiness through the simple things in life.

Hygge has no hard edges; it’s soft, comforting and simply stylish.

Textiles are hygge in the way that they keep us warm, conjure up memories of past times & places and make our everyday lives more beautiful.

Flowers are always associated with freshness and positivity and what better way to hygge up our homes than to spruce it up with warm and elegant floral patterns.
Transform your homes and create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere with our organic floral textiles that will bring in the positivity and warmth into your homes.
Let us fight this global crisis by looking into the small and good things in our lives and being grateful for it.

Herbs -A Simple Way To Add Natural Beauty To Your Home!

JUL , 13 2020

Herbs -A Simple Way To Add Natural Beauty To Your Home!

Food, kitchen, garden, medicine ……….etc etc. These are some of the few words that might pop up when u think of herbs.

All of us relate herbs either for food or medicine.

But have we ever thought of using them as a way to spruce up our homes décor?

Herbs can be a great way of adding elegance and a sense of serenity to our atmosphere. With unique textures and deep colors, they’ll bring excitement and beauty to your home.

In addition to great visual appeal it also instills calmness and positivity to a space.

The main two things we need in these times of maddening chaos and a general atmosphere of depression created due to the covid -19 pandemic.

Also Covid has forced some of us to look into things that we have blissfully avoided for a long time as a society -“sustainable-eco-friendly-living”.

Eco friendly living is not about just giving up fast fashion or reducing our carbon imprint. It is a way of life, a constant creative quest to incorporate its essence in our every little space and activity.

And now that we are making a conscious effort let us also be creative with it. Decorating with herbs needed not always be with setting up a kitchen garden.

It could also be with a print here, a poster there. But the most effective bring it to your home linens. 

It could be just throwing in a few cushions here there with herb prints in your living , or setting your dining with a clean crisp herb printed table cloth or make it more fun by having a entire kitchen linen set with herb theme.

Herb prints and patterns necessarily need not be just green; there are a lot of flower herbs which can add colors and natural beauty.

We at Aauraa have a wide range of products in different prints and patterns and moods. Colorful, quirky tiny prints for your kitchen, a more elegant watercolor painted look for your dining or just some hand stitch inspired embroideries to add texture.

And yes they are Organic, environment friendly!!

Aauraa has always been an organization that have supported sustainability and eco friendliness in every little way possible and our herb collection that we have created meticulously and great pride is also a small way of making eco living more fun .