#Zero Waste – The Hottest Sustainable Trend

The world is moving into this grand new social experiment called “The New Normal”.

Conservation and environmental issues have taken the forefront rather than one’s individual success. Sustainability is the hottest and most importantly the need of the hour topic of this era.

But what is it the best way to maintain this culture and take it forward?

The answer lies in the concept of zero waste production.

The need of the hour today is for all designers and manufacturers to adopt a zero waste policy and save the planet from textile pollution.

One of the most pressing matters in resulting from the production and consumption of products is the ‘Wastage’. Our growing demand for ‘fast fashion’ has resulted in tonnes of discarded materials, and resources threatening environmental and social well-being on a global scale.

The term ‘zero waste’ has emerged as the new saviour for addressing textile pollution, the second major contributor to global waste.

We at Aauraa have always welcomed and embraced new trends and techniques of sustainability and eco –friendliness.

According to us Zero wastage or minimal wastage encompasses more than eliminating waste through recycling and reuse, it focuses on restructuring production and distribution systems to reduce waste.

That is why we believe and practice in the 6 R’s that lays the foundation for zero waste production.

Reinvent-Reinvent is an exploration of creativity. It is the practice of how we highlight the story behind the product and its creation which we then believe transcends itself through a sense of satisfaction and joy to the consumer. 

Reuse– We very consciously and painstakingly design and manufacture our products so that they can be reused in various seasons and have a longer shelf life.

Reduce – Aauraa has started an initiative called “Greening the Environment” where a wide range of trees were planted as a contribution to a better environment. The notion of reducing wastage was brought into action here. To help maintain the plantation, the waste water from the employee’s quarters goes through an RO treatment, making it fit for domestic use. This treated water is then re directed to the plantation field making this entire initiative a socially responsible commitment.

Replace-Our factories are enabled with renewable solar powered energy and reverse osmosis water plantation replacing age old commercial resources for a more eco-friendly ,sustainable options.

Recycle-Overconsumption of scarce natural resources is has made us rethink and reclaim waste materials in intelligent and sensitive ways. We have shifted in utilising recycled fibers and yarns for a more eco-friendly production output.We believe that the act of recycling should be celebrated as a creative method and thus making a statement against the throw-away mentality.

Repurpose–At Aauraa we have always been the pioneers of taking the off beaten path where in contrast to the traditional design process which starts with anbrand new design, we start with considering what can be made from existing fabrics. From creation to curation, it gives existing textiles a new purpose and cherishes what’s already made.

Being an eco-conscious sustainable manufacturing company,we believe in focusing on achieving an emotional satisfaction for both the producer and the consumer through the process of creating rather than on the end result.