“Maybe people will get a chance to discover themselves in this enforced solitude, to become more thoughtful because we can’t rush around as we used to”-Ruskin bond

The world is going through a global crisis. We are forced to slow down, learn to accept this implied solitude, “THE NEW NORMAL”.

And as we try to blend ourselves and adjust to this new lifestyle, we are forced to revaluate and discern what is essential and necessary for our living on a qualitative basis. The world is more and more willing now to accept and learn the concept of simple and quality based living.

One such lifestyle concept is what is called – THE FIKA LIFESTYLE.

Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are the keywords of this lifestyle concept.

It is a Swedish concept and on a literal basis means “a coffee and cake break”.

If we go a bit deeper into it, we will realise it’s not just about the regular coffee break that we take but rather is a beautiful way of living.

A sustainable way of life where it teaches us to take a break, sip a cup of coffee, quiten our minds from the chaos of the world, look at the simple everyday small things that are meaningful to us and be grateful for it.

For the Swedes, fika is nothing revolutionary; it’s simply part of everyday life. It is a state of mind, an attitude towards a more sustainable qualitative lifestyle.

Aauraa home fashion have always been forerunners in embracing and endorsing such sustainable and qualitative life concepts and translating them into our designs and products.

Indulge in your fika moments with organic home linen collection from our wide range of designs and products.

Revamp your homes, discern what is essential and necessary and bring in hope, happiness and positivity with our organic home linen.

Let’s face this “NEW NORMAL” head on!!!!!

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