Herbs -A Simple Way To Add Natural Beauty To Your Home!

JUL , 13 2020

Herbs -A Simple Way To Add Natural Beauty To Your Home!

Food, kitchen, garden, medicine ……….etc etc. These are some of the few words that might pop up when u think of herbs.

All of us relate herbs either for food or medicine.

But have we ever thought of using them as a way to spruce up our homes décor?

Herbs can be a great way of adding elegance and a sense of serenity to our atmosphere. With unique textures and deep colors, they’ll bring excitement and beauty to your home.

In addition to great visual appeal it also instills calmness and positivity to a space.

The main two things we need in these times of maddening chaos and a general atmosphere of depression created due to the covid -19 pandemic.

Also Covid has forced some of us to look into things that we have blissfully avoided for a long time as a society -“sustainable-eco-friendly-living”.

Eco friendly living is not about just giving up fast fashion or reducing our carbon imprint. It is a way of life, a constant creative quest to incorporate its essence in our every little space and activity.

And now that we are making a conscious effort let us also be creative with it. Decorating with herbs needed not always be with setting up a kitchen garden.

It could also be with a print here, a poster there. But the most effective bring it to your home linens. 

It could be just throwing in a few cushions here there with herb prints in your living , or setting your dining with a clean crisp herb printed table cloth or make it more fun by having a entire kitchen linen set with herb theme.

Herb prints and patterns necessarily need not be just green; there are a lot of flower herbs which can add colors and natural beauty.

We at Aauraa have a wide range of products in different prints and patterns and moods. Colorful, quirky tiny prints for your kitchen, a more elegant watercolor painted look for your dining or just some hand stitch inspired embroideries to add texture.

And yes they are Organic, environment friendly!!

Aauraa has always been an organization that have supported sustainability and eco friendliness in every little way possible and our herb collection that we have created meticulously and great pride is also a small way of making eco living more fun .