Blacks, Whites & Greys – The Monochrome Trend

JUL , 06 2020

Blacks, Whites & Greys – The Monochrome Trend

2020 has completed its halfway mark and we still find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic with our lifestyles and routines all gone for a toss .

And the new normal is us trying to bring a balance in our homes making it both a family and workspace.

And its natural you feel bored with your home seeming both mundane and uninspiring?

Do you want to spruce your home up yet play it safe?

Do you find yourself confused with various options out there on the table and kitchen linen world and fear things might go wrong?

Then the best way would be to go the classic way!!

The monochromatic trend of black whites and greys is the biggest and the most classic ways of home décor of all times and seasons.

This color combination is a classic for a reason. Not only does it work with a variety of patterns, but it goes with almost every interior design style. 

 Whether you are looking to add a touch of elegance, something bold, or you are leaning more toward a modern approach, these color patterns can help you make a statement.

Using the color black adds a focal point of color that grounds, anchors, and adds a sophisticated look to a room.

If you’re looking for a trendy way to make a statement, go with a bold black-and-white pattern for a guaranteed hit.

Create Contrast with White, creams and greys. Contrary to popular belief, a bold black accent brings a modern level of sophistication and adds depth to a room, while supplementing it with white, gray, or cream brings the right amount of contrast.

If you’re a fan of simple patterns, getting them in black and white will give them a elegant twist. Whether you decorate with a throw blanket, pillows, or curtains, using black-and-white patterns is an effective way to add these bolder neutrals without overwhelming the rest of your decor.

But the best way to take advantage of the combination of these two simple colors to maximize your decorating statement is to add that hint of bling into it.

Contemporary interiors often combine black and white with sleek metals.

Whether you are in the mood to change your current home decor or just give it a bit of more life, depending on how you go about it, you can have your home make a number of different statements with this combo. It can serve as simple conversation-starters, or add a calming element to a room. There are some that simply showoff your inner chic style.

Black and white colors complement one another so well that you have a near endless supply of ideas to utilize.

So therefore have fun bringing life into your mundane activities and wishing you good health and safety in these testing times from TEAM AAURAA.