JUN , 29 2020


For decades now PANTONE has influenced the choice of the retailers, exporters, designers and creators of various fields be it fashion, home or industrial.

And this year it has named “CLASSIC BLUE “to be its color of the year.

This is a color that is known for its versatility. This color could be used as a statement color but also to create a cozy atmosphere. It influences everything from apparels to upholstery to furniture and home decors. It pairs well with exquisite patterns and tones like lemony yellow, hot pink or metallic such as copper, gold or silver. Classic blue mixed with monochromatic textures and tones work wonders. 

When incorporating a color to our homes, the first thing that comes to our minds is to change the paints of the walls. But it could be time consuming and messy.

An easier and elegant way to bring in that color is to accessorize the living rooms by throwing some some pillows and cushions along with some sofa throws. Use pale and delicate blues paired with light colored furniture, subtle drapery and statement accessories to create a soft elegant room. Do mix it with bold, bright colors (think hot pink and orange) and patterns to create an energetic atmosphere.

For someone who loves the feel of a classic bedroom, this color is sure a timeless and classy tone.

It gives the room a sense of calmness and coziness. Even a boho or retreat-style bedroom can use a touch of this color by layering it with soft floral that is sure to add a relaxing vibe to the space. 

For the kitchen, bring in the color with kitchen and table linen. From soft pastel serenity blue and pale blue to cobalt or navy are amazing for coastal, rustic, shabby chic and vintage kitchens.

Any shades of blue can stand out even more with a touch of metallic and this way it’ll look more glam and chic.

The unique feature of this color is that whether you use too much or too little, the effect is unmissable. And if you make this the overarching theme of a room, there is no fear of going overboard.